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Best In The World Teachers

The world’s best teachers in their fields of learning and performance assemble on one learning platform. This collection of some of the best minds in the world Dr Hannah Newman, Anaru Kapa, Dr Millie Locke and other outstanding learning leaders.

World Class Programs

When you go through a program on Ingenius Minds Quests on any topic, our promise is that it will not just be a spectacular learning experience - but will actually bring results that actually deliver. Better results than traditional course could ever deliver to be exact.

20 Minutes A Day. Lasting Change

The Quest secret lies in micro-learning. This means no more boring programs that take hours out of your already busy days. Years of wisdom & learning are re-engineered into just 10-20 minutes a day over your Quest period.

So each lesson builds up on the one before - unlocking extraordinary results and lasting habits.

Start Together... Finish Together

Strictly community-powered, each Quest starts only on a SPECIFIC date. In every Quest you enroll in, thousands of students start together, transform together, support each other — and best of all — reach the finish line together.

So you don’t just learn... you may also end up meeting your best friends.

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"Anaru has a deep knowledge of education"

Anaru has a deep knowledge of education and weaves this into meaningful and targeted bicultural practices helping leaders and practitioners to take their learning and embed it into practice.

Regional Professional Services Manager LNI

"Anaru provided a bicultural lens to our teaching practice"

Anaru provided a bicultural lens to our teaching practice and has supported us in our teaching journey to reflect on our own teaching practice.

Montessori Senior Teacher, Auckland

"Transformative and enlightening"

Anaru conducted a customised course on Te Ao Māori and biculturalism with the committee members of Orff New Zealand Aotearoa (ONZA.) It was transformative and enlightening. It provided a stunning and well-structured way of entering Te Ao Māori via story and exposition.

Terry Locke
Honorary Professor of Arts and Language Education
Sydney School of Education and Social Work

"An amazing learning journey for all who engage"

I am very excited with Montessori Aotearoa Quest for educators which Anaru has developed and consider that the Quest is going to be an amazing learning journey for all who engage. Anaru has delivered strengthening biculturalism wananga in Montessori schools and early childhood centres throughout Aotearoa since 2016. Anaru is a skilled presenter who is able to communicate Te Ao Maaori concepts and explain them in a manner which is easily understood and implemented by kaiako.

Executive Officer
Montessori Aotearoa New Zealand

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